Combine Two Procedures For Best Results

The cosmetic industry has created different surgical and non-surgical procedures, which you can combine. One of the most common procedures, that women are interested in, are breast surgery procedures. With, for example, breast augmentation procedure, you can achieve amazing results, but some other procedures are better when there is another one included.

How does this look like?

Some of the women’s breasts have one issue, for example, they are small, while some other breasts are asymmetrical, sagging or too big. It is not rare that the woman has big, sagging and asymmetrical breasts. In this case, the combination of breast reduction surgery and breast lift procedure can change the appearance of your breasts a lot.

Breast reduction procedure

This procedure is designed to make your breasts well-shaped and smaller. This is beneficial for many reasons. The person will not have the heaviness that her back needs to carry, so the back and neck pain will be gone. Also, red and irritated skin will no longer be a problem, and everyday activities, especially sports, will be much easier to perform.

During breast reduction procedure, the doctor will remove excess fat and skin and you can check to see how this procedure looks like. If your breasts are sagging, or asymmetrical breast lift procedure can fix this problem. 

Breast reduction and breast lift results

Breast lift procedure

Breast lift is the best solution for sagging breasts. After effective treatment in breast lift at Breast & Body Clinic, you will gain perkier and younger-looking breasts. This procedure is not combined just with breast reduction, but it can be part of “mommy makeover”, and breast augmentation surgery. 

Smaller breasts can sag, but the breast lift will fix that

So, there are many candidates for this procedure but mainly those are women with breasts of unequal size, downward-pointing nipples, stretched areolas, small breasts that don’t have enough tissue volume or firmness, and as we already said, women with large, heavy breasts.


Before these breast procedures, you should plan your recovery. During the first period, which will last around two weeks, you will need to rest. Heavy lifting, strenuous exercise and driving are forbidden. The doctor will advise you to wear bandages, so your breast can be supported and your swelling reduced. You will most probably have surgical drains so your breasts can heal properly. 

Some side effects such as redness, swelling, pain are common after these procedures, and they will pass after a couple of weeks. Your doctor will give you pain medications, antibiotics, or anti-inflammatory drugs to help you have a better recovery period. Do not take some medications without your doctor’s permission, and make sure to follow his or her instructions, so your body can heal properly.

Final word

The results of these procedures are long-lasting, but significant changes in the weight or aging process can change the way your breasts look. Try to maintain a healthy lifestyle, as this factor will affect your results to last longer.

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