Reduce Snoring

It is most likely that you know someone who snores, or maybe you are the person who has this issue. Snoring is very common among men, but also women. Some people snore occasionally, while others snore every time they fall asleep. Either way, snoring is usually quite annoying, and it is the cause of sleep deprivation.

What can you do

For people who do not snore heavy, or who snore sometimes, there are some tips that can help you get rid of this issue. For those who struggle more, it will be wise to consult with the doctor who is a specialist in this field. The doctor will suggest the newest procedures which are today based on laser technology, and they can be done in specialized clinics such as Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne.

The professional will give the best solution

Sleep position

Sleep position can sometimes be the cause of snoring as lying on your back can lead to the collapse of the tongue and soft palate to the back of your throat. When you sleep on your side the gravitation will do its work and your tongue cannot fall behind. That will prevent obstruction of the airways, which in the first place is the cause of snoring.

Avoid alcohol

Besides the relaxation that you experience after consuming alcohol, there are some other things that are happening in your body. You can feel extremely sleepy, and when you fall asleep, your muscle tone on the back of your throat will be reduced, which will cause you to snore.


There are no rules, both obese and thin people can snore, but for some people, losing weight can be a game-changer. Gaining weight around your neck can squeeze the aperture of the throat, which will most likely cause snoring during sleep.


Maybe this is surprising, but yes, staying well hydrated can affect your sleep and snoring. When a person is dehydrated, the secretion in the nose and soft palate becomes stickier. This will lead to more intense snoring. Approximately, women need 10 cups of water during the day, while men need 16.

When the situation is more serious

When you give your best to change your lifestyle so the snoring can be reduced, but that still is not happening, there is a laser procedure known as nightlase Melbourne according to Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne that is the best option today for this issue. It is a non-invasive procedure with amazing results.

Laser results

The laser will penetrate the heat into the oral tissue. This will stimulate collagen production within the tissue, which will lead to the tightening of oral tissue. There is no cutting, only light energy specially produced to gentle heat the tissue and powerful enough to promote strength.

Final word

If snoring is your big issue, it is good to know that many people are dealing with it. By researching and asking others for advice, you can reduce your snoring and if it still persists, you can always turn to the professionals.