Michael Hilton, MD – Delivering Immediate Care to Patients

Emergency medicine is the medical specialty dealing with the immediate decision-making and treatment necessary to save lives in acute medical emergencies. It is also a medical specialty that deals with the treatment of acute health problems requiring urgent care, particularly in the out-of-hours period. EM cares for patients who are in need of urgent, but not life-threatening care. You’ll provide immediate treatment to people who have been injured or have experienced a sudden illness or medical emergency, such as heart attack or stroke.

EM is the closest you can get to being on a television show like ER. This course will help you become an expert in emergency medicine, just in time for your next shift. It represents the forefront of medicine, where the patient can be very ill and time is of the essence. The practitioner must decide quickly in a high stakes environment with limited resources what is the best treatment for each individual situation at hand.

Emergency medicine is a fast-paced and exciting field, with opportunities for diverse patient care. An emergency medicine program includes rotations in the emergency department, intensive care unit, pediatrics, trauma and burns. It is a specialty of medicine focused primarily on the acute care of patients who present at the emergency department.

Quick Minds and Quick Hands are Required

Emergency medicine like Dr Michael Hilton is the branch of medicine focused on the care of acutely ill patients. These patients present a wide spectrum of medical, surgical and psychiatric problems requiring urgent diagnosis and treatment. It is a core specialty in the primary care continuum, providing effective and efficient care of patients with acute illness or injury who present to the ED.

Emergency medicine is a field of medicine concerned with the urgent treatment and evaluation of patients with acute illness and injury. Emergency physicians treat most types of conditions requiring urgent care, typically in hospital emergency departments or pre-hospital settings, including trauma, cardiac arrest, abdominal pain, acute asthma attacks, shock, cancer surgeries and other situations. It is a fast-paced and exciting practice area. Make sure you’re prepared for any emergency with your range of kits and supplies.

EM is the medical specialty like Dr Michael Hilton focusing on immediate evaluation and care of patients with acute medical conditions. Emergency physicians care for patients with a broad range of acute illnesses and injuries, from minor ones such as wounds to complications arising from surgery or major trauma. Emergency medicine, or emergency room medicine if you have insurance, is the branch of medicine dealing with the immediate decision-making and action necessary to prevent life-threatening illness or injury, primarily in the out-of-hospital setting.

Treating Patients that Require Immediate Care

Emergency Medicine focuses on the immediate care of seriously ill or injured patients. You are equipped as a physician that gives your patients the assurance that they are getting the best care that is required of their case. It is a fast-paced and exciting field that requires a broad understanding of how to assess and manage emergencies. Being an EM physician is no joke. One must be physically and mentally fit for the job as lives are handled.

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