How to Maintain Eyebrows with a Professional’s Help?

Not everyone is gifted with beautiful eyebrows. However, there is nothing to worry. There are some professionals called eyebrow stylists to help out people with not-so-gorgeous eyebrows.

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Why Should You See an Eyebrow Stylist?

An eyebrow stylist, like the one at Fancy Lash has the power to change your perspective about your own facial features.

This is because when you look at yourself, you’ve a different view of what might look good and you don’t see the possibilities.

Even one single hair can change the whole shape of the eyebrow, which further changes the look of your face.

More Reasons to See a Professional

When you try to shape your eyebrows, you can easily overdo them. If you remove too many or wrong hair by mistake, they may take quite long to regrow and sometimes they even never grow.

Also, you may hurriedly tweeze stray hair while leaving home for work. However, a stylist at the professional eyebrow shaping Sydney like in Fancy Lash takes the time to give a good shape to your eyebrows.

How’d You Find the Right Eyebrow Stylist?

There are so many ways to find a good eyebrow stylist. For example, you can search online for a good eyebrow shaping centre.

Or you can ask a friend whose eyebrows you like, that from which stylist they do it. When more than one people suggest a professional’s name, you may assume that she is the right stylist for you.

Also, when you meet her, make sure you look into if most brow stylists of her arch do their own. It’s recommended to choose the one whose brows are in accordance with what you want for yourself.

The latest trend today is a fuller eyebrow following your natural arch.

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When Should You Visit a Professional?

It’s recommended to visit a professional when you have at least two to four weeks of hair growth. The more amount of hair your stylist has to work upon, the better.

However, it’s not a hard and fast rule. If you cannot wait for 2-4 weeks, you can book the appointment.

How Often to Maintain Eyebrows?

The norm of professional brow maintenance is around once a month.

You can definitely maintain them all by yourself. However, there are three different cycles of hair growth. Often between 3- and 6-week marks is when things start going inappropriate, even though there is not a huge overgrowth of hair.

This is the time when you should redo the shape with a professional’s help.

During the time between the visits to your professional, you can just remove stray hair on your own using a pair of tweezers.

Since it’s common to make a mistake with your brows’ top, tweeze only from underneath.

Just remove what comes in and be sure not to go so close to the shape that you may change it.

If you are in doubt about whether a hair must come out, the answer would always be “no”. You should save it for your stylist to remove.

Get your eyebrows shaped from a professional and look graceful.