Home Design Tips for Homeguidemyrtlebeach

Myrtles, SC has become more than just a vacation spot for many in the Upstate. Located on the South Carolina coast, Myrtle Beach is a favorite destination for Southern Americans looking for a small-town feel with all of the benefits of being so close to major metropolitan areas like Charlotte and Atlanta. Once you visit the area, you’ll see why it’s such an emerging hotspot in home design.

Create an Open Floor Plan

What’s more coastal than an open floor plan? There are no walls dividing the spaces of your home, so your house feels more spacious and open. But not only is this design trend great for making the most of your indoor space, but it’s also beneficial for saving on cooling costs during the summer. The ocean air is naturally cooler than typical interior space, so it can help reduce the need for air conditioning.

Coordinate Colors & Textures

When decorating your home, think about the colors and textures that play across the coastal lifestyle. While many coastal homes are built primarily out of wood, many other materials like brick, stone and even concrete have also been used. In addition, many colors are typically associated with the ocean, like blue, teal, aqua, and even green.

Of course, white on a beach home is also a popular color, especially if you include a few coastal decor items like seashells, shells, driftwood, or pieces of painted wood. While colors and textures may seem like they should be unrelated to interior design trends.

Look to the Sea for Color Inspiration

If you’re looking for coastal decor inspiration, consider taking cues from the ocean itself. After all, the ocean is one of the most commonly used sources of color inspiration for coastal homes. Seashells, shells, driftwood, and other beach-related items are great sources of inspiration when it comes to picking the right colors for your interior. Seashells are often used as wall stencils to create a pattern on a wall.

Use Light in Your Decorations

The sun is another great source of coastal color inspiration. When you think about incorporating sunlight into your interior design, consider using light fixtures that mimic the color of the sun or light fixtures that have seashells or shells as part of their design. Seashell chandeliers, for example, are a popular fixture to put throughout your home.

You can also incorporate a seashell-themed mural or seashell art into your living room. Or, you can pair seashell art with seashell-shaped sconces or lights to create a seashell effect. Seashell art is also great when it comes to using light in your home.

Add a Cozy Cottage feel

Another popular coastal design trend is to incorporate elements of a cottage-like home into your own. You can do this by painting your walls a soft shade of blue or painting your porch steps a lighter shade of grey. You can also incorporate coastal elements like seashells, shells, driftwood, or beach-related items into your decor.

When you do this, you’re creating a coastal cottage feel that feels both warm and inviting. When you do this, you can also consider painting your porch ceiling a soft shade of blue or white.

Include Outdoor Living Spaces

Consider including outdoor living spaces in your design. This can include patios, porches, decks, or even outdoor dining areas. When you do this, consider incorporating coastal elements into your outdoor decor. Seashells, driftwood, shells, and seashell art are great sources of inspiration when it comes to decorating your outdoor living spaces visit https://www.homeguidemyrtlebeach.com/cat-tail-bay/.