Factors that Contribute to Loose Skin

Everybody desires to look good; experts say that this can dramatically boost an individual’s confidence, hence allowing him or her to score well in many spheres. When you feel good about yourself, you can go about your social life with a feeling of confidence and courage. This can tremendously determine the quality of relationships you initiate, hence setting you on a path to success. The appearance of your skin forms an integral part of your general outlook. Loose skin can dampen your enthusiasm, mainly when it exists in visible places within the body. Through procedures like body contouring, loose skin can be tightened, hence boosting your look.

Can loose skin cause pain?

This is certainly an interesting question; it is believed that loose skin can contribute to painful experiences. Body contouring Huntsville Alabama gives hope that saggy skin can be fixed. Besides making you feel uncomfortable, loose skin can lead to the following:

Back pain-Carrying excess skin, especially in the front of the abdomen, is not a mean feat; this burden can sometimes manifest in the backside in the form of an excruciating feeling.

Infections-It is emerging that loose skin can be a cause for infections. The most common infection associated with this condition is the yeast infection that can give way to itchy rashes that generally appear on the skin.

What causes loose skin?

Familiarizing with the factors that trigger loose skin is crucial in dealing with this disorder. Treatment options do vary depending on several issues. Fundamental among them is the cause behind an individual having loose skin. Below are common factors that contribute to loose skin;


Aging happens to be the leading cause of loose skin. As the skin ages, it depreciates in elastin and collagen properties which play a significant role in skin elasticity. Without these vital proteins customarily manufactured in the dermis, the skin loses its elasticity. Other factors like extensive sun exposure and harmful lifestyle habits can accelerate this process.

Ehlers-Danlos syndrome

This syndrome, also known as (EDS) is a connective tissue disorder that is rare to find. It is usually inherited, and people who suffer from it exhibit deficiency in collagen production, resulting in saggy, doughy skin. This is especially evident in the face area.

Weight loss

Collagen and elastin perform an essential role when it comes to maintaining skin elasticity. Carrying so much weight for an extended period can cause severe damage to these proteins hence risking the skin’s elasticity. This is evidenced by loss in areas such as in the arms, around the bra line, in the thigh and buttocks. 


During pregnancy, the skin is stretched significantly. This condition can damage the collagen and elastin, which might cause the skin to take a long time before returning to its original shape.

Final remark

It is normal to feel hopeless when your body has loose skin. Going by the information shared in this article, it is clear that loose skin can cause other complications besides making you feel less confident. However, it is encouraging to note that this condition can be corrected without having to go through complex procedures.