6 Tips You Should Follow for a Comfortable Recovery after Breast Augmentation

Once you undergo breast augmentation, you can go through your recovery period while waiting for awesome results.

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However, your recovery should be such that it should promote your health along with the brilliant outcomes.

Fortunately, today there are medicines to minimise your pain and relatively comfortable recovery can be achieved. Still, some precautions should be taken by youwhich will ensure a smooth healing time.

1. Take Help

At least for the first few days, having somebody to help you is a great relief. Even simple daily activities may cause extreme pain and so, you’d be forced to depend on another person.

Ideally, when you’re planning for the procedure, arrange someone to stay with you for a couple of days immediately after the surgery to pass through the initial recovery period without stress and comfortably.

2. Take Healthy Diet

Expert breast augmentation Coffs Harbour from PCLS Coffs Harbour surgeons suggest that it’s essential to eat healthy which means you should avoid fizzy drinks, fast food and sweets.

While preparing for the procedure, make sure you have sufficient light healthy snacks beside your bed.

For example, bananas can be perfect during the first few days as they reduce nausea. It’s also ideal to take medications after eating something.

Along with taking a healthy diet, staying hydrated is important. It’ll help you avoid constipation which can commonly occur after a surgery.

Also, water will help reduce swelling. However, make sure you store water in small bottles, as you won’t be able to pick up bigger bottles.

Small cups with bendy straws are ideal because you can reach them without getting up.

Image Courtesy: pclscoffsharbour.com.au

3. Clothing

From around 4th to 6th week, you’ll have to wear a surgical bra. Proper clothing will be suggested by your surgeon.

It’s recommended to wear loose-fitting clothes. Movement of your arms will be restricted in the first couple of weeks; hence consider wearing only zipped or buttoned tops.

If you’ll have to go out in cold weather, remember to wear extra breast pads since cold can worsen the pain in your chest. Optionally, cover breasts with crossed arms; but remember not to overstretch them.

4. Hygiene

It’s better to avoid a bath for first six weeks. A shallow one can be taken though in which you won’t dip your upper body in water.

Also a soap bar is preferable to a pump gel, because a bar won’t be painful for your chest muscles.

5. Sleep and Rest

While sleeping and resting, never sleep flat on your back. An upright position is ideal for the recovery, no matter how unnatural it may feel at first.

This elevated position should be maintained for up to six weeks. Also, never sleep on your belly or sides.

Stock your bedroom with a number of pillows for support and comfort. They will prevent implants from getting shifted.

This is important during the first stage of recovery as the tissues around the surgical wound have not healed yet. Get total rest.

6. Keep Yourself Entertained

You should take a leave of at least one week from work.

In order to avoid boredom, keep reading books, solving crosswords and other puzzles, watching films and doing anything entertaining which doesn’t involve a lot of moving around.

You can even know mummy makeover cost according to PCLS Coffs Harbourand consider that procedure.

Take ample rest during your recovery and you’ll get nice results. Happy recovery!

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